Brandt Becker

riding with Team Troll since 2012

Class: Sport

DOB: 12/12/1984

Hometown: Lansing, MI

Major Accomplishments: None yet, but 2012 is going to be a good year.

Goals for 2012: Meet as many people as possible and ride until my wheels fall off!

Bike: Niner S.I.R 9

Family: My beautiful wife, Mandi, a giant Newfoundland dog & 2 cats. No kids yet……

Interests: Anything involving two wheels, handlebars, and dirt. Grew up racing BMX and Motocross, still continue to race in Off-Road Motorcycle events (Mainly Hare Scrambles, w/ the occasional MX race). Relatively new to Mountain Biking, (less than 2 years) but loving it so far. I also enjoy running, training and traveling with my Wife.

Big Events for 2012: Barry-Roubaix, Lowell 50, 12 hours of Ithaca, and Iceman are already on the calendar with more to follow.